We are happy to have those in need of court mandated community service hours join us at the ReStore. Please note that we cannot accept those who have the following charges, including but not limited to: felonies, larceny, theft, any violent offenses (this includes fighting/simple assault charges), and those with sexual offender charges. If you are not sure if your charges are accepted, please contact Julia Van Patter BEFORE attending an orientation session.

If you have any mitigating medical concerns (pregnancy, back problems, etc.), or cannot handle physical demands (such as moving furniture), please reconsider your community service options.  While there are some “light duty” activities in the ReStore, these tasks are limited and it may be difficult to obtain hours.

Bring the following items with you to the welcome session:

  1. A photo I.D. (driver’s license, school I.D., etc).
  2. A letter/paperwork from your lawyer, case coordinator, or the court systems, stating that following:

    1. How many hours you intend to complete

    2. The nature of you ticket/ citation

    3. Confirm that you have NEVER been convicted of a felony, larceny, or theft.

    4. The lawyer/case coordinator/ someone from the court system’s contact information

      *Please note that you will NOT be able to complete your community service with us without this information.

  3. Additional Court Ordered Agreement Paperwork attached here

We track all community service hours and will supply you with the appropriate paperwork to certify your completion of any required service.