This is the page for accepted DROP-OFF DONATION ITEMS/MATERIALS(donations you bring in your vehicle to drop off at our ReStore)**.

**There are different guidelines for accepted PICK-UP donations(donations we drive to pick up from your home), which can be found HERE


In order to better serve our customers and community, we do have specific criteria for acceptable goods. Please follow the general guidelines below. If you’re unsure if your donation meets the criteria please call the Donations Hotline at 919-354-0892 or email us your questions:

The donation criteria list is subject to change.  Some donations may be declined, at the discretion of the donation ambassador, due to safety concerns, facility limitations or marketability. All donations are tax-deductible.

See below for special notes about specific donations: 

  • Books, Toys and Clothing:   Accepted, but we cannot provide a tax receipt for these items(we will transfer them to other organizations for you) 
  • Broken Appliances/Metal:   Accepted + Tax Receipt
  • Broken or damaged items that we cannot sell and other organizations will not accept:  We cannot accept these items.

For Drop Offs ONLY, We Accept: 

•  Appliances(working and not working)

•  Doors

•  Windows

•  Cabinets

•  Sinks

•  Light fixtures

•  Tile

•  Flooring

•  Toilets

•  Bathtubs

•  Lumber

•  Kitchen & household goods

•  Jewelry

•  Games


•  Mattresses & Box Springs(must be free of rips, tears, stains, etc)   •  Furniture     
•  Metal  •  Antiques and collectibles  •  Decorative items and art   •  Electronics   
•  Video games, CDs and DVDs  •  Building and construction materials  •  Desks(no larger than 4ft wide)  •  Flat Screen TVs(we do not accept tube TVs)




-Items in poor condition (items with stains, rips, tears, odor, bugs or pet hair)

-Items that are broken

-Infant items(such as strollers, car seats, etc).

-Items with missing pieces

-Tube TVs

-Desks wider than 4 feet

-Hazardous materials(unframed mirrors, solvents, strippers, oil based items, anti-freeze)


Call the Donations Hotline at 919-354-0892 during our business hours of Monday to Saturday 10AM-6PM or email us your questions: