We're Now Accepting Empty Ink Cartridges!

Did you know that the second mission of the ReStore is to keep useable goods out of the landfills? That's why our ReStore accepts everything from couches to appliances to building materials.  We also accept empty ink cartridges (there's an awesome program that allows us to send them and to resell them in return for Habitat donations). We strive to bring awareness and continue to strengthen our environmental impact in everything we do. 

Our friends at the Habitat ReStore in Victoria, TX explain the ReStore's environmental impact the best: Over-consumption of our planet's nonrenewable resources contributes to a decline in environmental quality. One way of stabilizing this situation is to reduce the amount of resources consumed. The ReStore contributes to conservation by initiating the reuse of building materials in the community and by serving as a recycling center for aluminum cans and other metal products. By reclaiming these materials, the items are diverted from landfill sites.

Landfills permanently restrict the land on which they sit due to methods of preventing the escape of contaminated water and gases. Adherence to strict preventive measures decreases, but does not eliminate the potential for toxic waste leakage. The EPA cites escaped greenhouse gases like methane as contributing to global warming and climate changes. Among the ReStore's primary goals are reducing waste and providing education about its preventive efforts in behalf of environmental safety to:

  • Homeowners
  • Construction company business owners
  • General building contractors
  • Homebuilders
  • Leaders in local, county, and state government agencies