How Do Our Daily Deals Work?

If you’ve ever been to the ReStore, you might remember that almost every item in the store has a large colorful tag on it: pink, green, yellow, orange or red. This rotating tag discount system differentiates between items that have been in the store longer than others (kind of like a “day old bread” bin at a bakery—but without the staleness).

For example, you might see the words: "Today's tag discounts are PINK and ORANGE." This means the price marked on all pink and orange tags will receive either an additional 30% or 75% off based on their designated markdown at checkout.

We now have THREE additional markdowns going on every single day (unless otherwise noted)! Additional discounts are now: 15%, 30% and 75% off the already low priced item. The only items without discounted tags are the items that have just hit the sales floor. As always, we like to remind our shoppers that the price on the item you’re looking at will lower with time, but if you wait to buy it, you’re taking the risk of that item not being there when you return.

To find out what tags are currently discounted, check out our website ( or our Facebook page (