Meet the ReStore Staff: Caitlyn West

Name: Caitlyn West

Job Title: Communications Manager

Hometown: Apex, NC

Current Location: Raleigh, NC

What was your first job? Besides babysitting, my first job was working as a hostess at 518 West Italian Restaurant.

What school(s) did you graduate from? Apex High School (2010) and NC State University (2014)

How long have you been working at the ReStore? I started working at the ReStore in October 2015.  

What do you enjoy most about working at the ReStore? I love the people I work with—there’s really this awesome sense of community between us. We all have each other’s back, but we also keep each other honest. The Habitat for Humanity mission is something truly beautiful to be apart of and work for every single day. We all get that.

What’s your favorite food? Mac ‘n’ Cheese (NOT the box kind)

What’s your favorite color? Pink

Do you have any pets? Yes! I have one dog named Beasley.

What was your first concert? Backstreet Boys

Are you a right-handed or left-handed? I’m a lefty.

Would you go to the mountains or the beach? The beach

What’s your favorite season? Fall (my birthday and football) 

What was the last book you read or movie you watched? The Big Short.

Fill in the Blank: If I’m not at the ReStore, I am most likely playing with my dog, spending time with my family and friends, or watching NC State football/basketball.