Our ReStore's Environmental Impact

  • We kept 1,000+ tons of waste from entering area landfills last year through sales in our store
  • In the past year, we have recycled over 46 tons of metal!
  • All the lighting in the offices and the sales floor are LED. This new lighting consumes 40% less energy than the our previous fluorescent lighting.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling, we recently installed hand dryers in our bathrooms. These hand dryers consume 1/6th the amount of energy compared to what it takes to produce one sheet of the paper towels that we were using. The dryers allow us to no longer have to throw out four bags of used paper towels a week.  
  • We recycle a full container of card board every other week. While we have to pay for this service, we could not imagine throwing all of that away!
  • We accept used mattresses that are sanitized according to NC General Assembly statutes, bagged, tagged, and resold right here at the ReStore. We recycle all non-working electronics at a facility right here in NC that meets every sort of certification under the sun. Many other electronic recyclers ship items over to third world countries where the working conditions and environmental impact are not regulated.