Volunteer Roles Series: Information Officer

Do you want to have all of the answers?
Information is a valuable resource, and you can be a valuable resource at the ReStore by becoming an Information Officer! In this role, you will manage the ReStore’s customer service desk by answering in-store and phone questions, filling out paperwork, and providing resources to customers.   

Interested Information Officers should be comfortable interacting with people and be able to maintain a polite and friendly demeanor. They should be confident in retaining information and working independently but willing to ask questions when something is unknown. No prior experience in customer service is necessary to become an Information Officer!

It’s OK to be a “know-it-all”; be a “know-it-all” at the ReStore by contacting the ReStore’s Volunteer Program Manager today! You can reach Amanda by email, acasella@restoredurhamorange.org.

*Please note that this role does require a minimum commitment of at least 4 hours a week for three months.