DIY Halloween Spiders

 Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wish there were more spiders in my house/apartment/life” ?

...No?...You will after today! And your wish is our command...

This is an easy DIY Halloween craft for kids AND adults, created by a Durham ReStore staff member.

DIY Halloween Spiders.jpg
DIY Halloween Spiders 1.jpg


- Old softballs (you can also use golf balls)
- Chalk paint(s)
- Paint brushes (medium and small)
- Hot glue gun (w/hot glue refills)
- Pipe cleaners (4 per softball)

Gather Your Materials

Get your chalk paint--Our ReStore has 16 colors of recolor® chalk paint for you to choose from. Check our sports section for softballs or golf balls. Other materials can be found at most craft stores.

Paint Your Spiders

Step 1 - Choose what color you want your spider’s body to be. Paint the softball with your chosen color of chalk paint.
*Pro Tip: To avoid fingerprints, we found it easier to paint half the ball, let it dry, and then paint the other half.

Step 2 - Once dry, it is time to paint the eyes and features of your spider. Let your imagination take over! Give your spider-to-be a personality by painting different expressions—Here are some ideas:
- Paint different-shaped eyes and eyebrows.
- Is your spider happy? Mad? Sad? Mischievous? Paint the face accordingly! 
- Go wild with Google eyes, spooky eyes, eyelashes, glasses, a mustache, buckteeth, a grin, a grimace, a monocle, etc!

DIY Halloween Spiders 2.jpg

Step 3 - Prep for spider legs. Let the paint dry. Plug in the hot glue gun with the glue cartridge. Once it is hot, you are ready to attach the legs.

Attaching the Legs

DIY Halloween Spiders 3.jpg

Step 1 - Turn over your softball to where you want the legs to start. Apply a 1- 1 ½ inch line of hot glue and press the center of the pipe cleaner along the glue. The ball should be centered on the pipe cleaner, making 2 equal-in-length “legs” on either side. Once secure, repeat this process 3 times, gluing the pipe cleaners parallel to one another.

Step 2 - Once the hot glue is set, bend the legs up and down to look like spider legs. The pipe cleaners make it possible to pose the spiders however you want!

Ta-Da! Now you know the secret to making a pose-able spider.

The Final Step

Use your powers for good(or evil): Make a spider clone army. Make superhero-themed spiders.  Make unicorn spiders. Make elf/Santa/Christmas spiders!

The world is your spider web. So go on, fill your home with softball spiders and include them in all of your home décor!


DIY Halloween Spiders 4.jpg